5 Reasons you should rent a used car on Maui instead of a new one

Convenience and Contactless Car Rental

When you get off the airplane you’ve had a long flight you’re tired.  If you’re renting a new car from one of the national car rentals, first you have to pick up your luggage, then head for the airport tram and ride it over to the new national car rental building.  Then,  wait in line with your passengers and luggage.  If you rent a used car from a local business on Maui, a lot of car rentals will either pick you personally up from the airport curbside or even better, your car will be parked for you in the Kahului airport parking lot. You can simply walk to your car, and drive away.

Live Onsite Customer Service

Because many used car rental businesses on Maui are locally owned, you can call the office where you’re renting your car from.  You don’t have to go through an automated system.  You don’t have to wait on hold.  You don’t have to push a button for your choice.  You can call them directly at the used car office and speak to someone during business hours.

24/7 Roadside Assistance

Many used rental car businesses on Maui have 24 hours, 7 days per week free roadside assistance, or they offer it for a small daily fee.  Many national new car companies caution against taking their new cars in certain remote areas of Maui.  Many used car rental companies do not have restrictions on where you take your rental vehicle.

You Won’t Look Like a Tourist

There is a benefit to not looking like a tourist, in that if you take your national brand new car to a less-traveled area of Maui, you could possibly be a target for a vehicle break-in.  Driving a Maui Cruiser will allow you to travel under the radar, and blend in with local residents.  Just make sure your rental car doesn’t have a lockbox on it.

You’re Supporting Local Businesses

If for no other reason, renting a used car on Maui means you’re supporting a local business and not mega-conglomerate national new car rentals.  You can feel good knowing you’re supporting local people and the economy of the beautiful island of Maui when you rent a used car from a local business.


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