Our business address is 59 Ho’okele St., Kahului, HI  96753.  We are conveniently located across from Chick-fil-A and Target

Rent Maui offers the most convenient arrival and departure options.  After arriving at the airport, simply pick your luggage up at baggage claim, walk across the crosswalk, and pick up your vehicle.  Once you book, instructions will be sent directly to your email, and the specific location is texted to you one day prior to arrival.  Please note:  vehicles rented less than 24 hours in advance must be picked up at our office location, 59 Ho’okele St., Kahului, HI  96732.

Book with confidence!  Cancel your booking for no additional charge up to 48 hours prior to your arrival, no questions asked!  Simply call (808)283-2827 between 8am and 6pm HST, or email us at [email protected].  An $80 fee will apply for cancellations within 48 hours of arrival, and $100 charge applies for a no-show. for no notice of cancellation.

Easy!  Simply call or text message us at (808)283-2827, or email any changes to [email protected]

 - extend rentals. 
 - update billing information.
 - cancel booking.
 - add drivers.
 - request vehicle change.
 - modify arrival or departure schedules.

  1.  Valid driver license 
  2.  A major credit card
  3.  Full coverage car insurance
  4. Be 25 or older

We offer the same everyday low rates for all our customers, resident and visitor alike.  We have everyday low long-term rates for rental cars. 

Before your rental

It’s highly recommended!  To see the best of Maui at your leisure, you will need a rental car.  We offer clean, reliable transportation at great everyday rates at Rent Maui, and also unlimited miles!  Explore all you want!

Simply book your online reservation here.  We offer the best rates, live customer service, and 24/7 roadside assistance.  All you need is:

- A valid credit card
- A current driver license
- To be 25 years old and older
Proof of full-coverage insurance on your personal vehicle
All our rates are in US Dollars

Absolutely!  You will not be routed through an automated system to reach customer service for Rent Maui.  Our live agents are available to answer your calls during the hours of 8am and 6pm HST, Monday through Friday.  Book your rental car, make any changes to your reservation, or simply have any questions answered by a live person.  Feel free to browse our easy FAQ to answer any quick questions, give us a call or text message at (808)283-2827, or email us at [email protected]

Rent Maui requires drivers to be 23 or older.  We do not rent to drivers under 25.

You need to be at least 25 years old on the date of your rental car pick up to rent a car from Rent Maui. 

  1.  We're local!  Our business office is located in the heart of Kahului, a 6-minute drive from Kahului Airport (OGG).  We are directly across the street from Target and Chick-Fil-A.
  2. Live customer service. When you call, you will be directly connected to a live customer service agent, who can book your reservation, make any changes, and answer any questions you may have.  Our lines are open 7 days a week, 8am-6pm HST.  We also respond to text messages!  Call us at (808)283-28287.
  3. Consistently low rates. We offer gently used cars, SUV's, and minivans at great prices to visitors and residents year round.
  4. Short and long term rentals.  We offer both short and long-term rentals and competitive rates. 
  5. Drive like you live here!  Rent Maui’s rental car fleet offers a wide variety of rental cars, all regularly maintained, thoroughly cleaned, and sanitized between uses.    

Rent Maui has everyday low rates as low as $39/day

At Rent Maui, we utilize a secure server, and internationally recognized payment processor.  Your information is secure.  Our website, www.RentMauiCars.com, is regularly updated and security certificates are renewed.

We accept all major credit cards.  Upon booking, your credit card information will be securely stored by the payment processor.  A $25 non-refundable deposit is charged to secure your reservation.  One day prior to your reservation, your credit card will be charged for the balance.  We don't accept cash, PayPal, checks or other forms of bank transfer.

Nothing.  When you book there is an option to add free unlimited extra drivers to your rental.  If you would like to add additional drivers after you’ve made your reservations, just email us at [email protected].

What taxes will be added to the rental?

  • Hawaii General Excise Tax of 4%
  • Hawaii Vehicle Surcharge Tax of $5.50 per day

All taxes are subject to change in compliance with the Hawaii State Laws.

- Hawaii General Excise Tax of 4%
  - Hawaii Vehicle Surcharge Tax of $5.50 per day

All taxes are subject to change in compliance with the Hawaii State Laws.

- Hawaii General Excise Tax of 4%
  - Hawaii Vehicle Surcharge Tax of $5.50 per day

All taxes are subject to change in compliance with the Hawaii State Laws.

Click here for the Hawaii Airports webpage, and scroll down for a list of parking rates.  Or check the chart below:

Kahului Airport Parking Rates



Total running cost

0-15 Minutes

Grace Period



16-30 Minutes

(1st 1/2 hour)



31-60 Minutes

(2nd 1/2 hour)



61-120 Minutes

(1-2nd hour)



121-180 Minutes

(2-3rd hour)



181-240 Minutes

(3-4th hour)



241-300 Minutes

(4-5th hour)



301-360 Minutes

(5-6th hour)



 Max. per 24-hour period



Rent Maui’s handling fee of $15 is to pay for parking fees after your rental is completed, when we retrieve your vehicle from the parking lot.  You are responsible for any parking fees upon pick-up of your vehicle, which may be up to $15.

The Rent Maui fleet includes various compacts, mid-sizes/lg cars, small SUVs, and minivans. 

Yes!  Simply book your car online, and an automatic long-term discount is added for rental terms over 30 days.  If you need a month-to-month rental, simply book for 30 days, and call/message our office at (808)283-2827, or email us at [email protected]  

All payments are completed one day prior to your arrival. The credit card on file that you used to secure your reservation will be charged.  If you need to change your credit card information prior to your reservation date, simply call customer service at (808)283-2827.  All our prices are in U.S Dollars.

Currently accept driver licenses from the United States and Canada.  Drivers need to be at least 23 years old, with a valid US or Canada drivers license, valid credit card, and proof of full-coverage insurance.


Yes, we do.  Simply check the box to add a carseat when you make your reservation, email us at [email protected], or call/msg customer service at 808-283-2827 to add one to your booking.

Unlimited!  Drive to your heart's content!

During standard business hours (Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm HST) simply call 808-283-2827 or after business hours call (808) 320-2999 

Our rates are consistently low - daily, weekly, and monthly.           Compare our rates and advantages with competitors across the web.  You will find we offer superior value and service!  We hope to   make you a loyal customer of Rent Maui!

During your rental

For those customers that want extra peace of mind, we offer the option to purchase our roadside assistance for an $8 per day fee.

  • Lockout Service : Gain entry when keys are locked inside the vehicle.
  • Jump-Start:  The batteries in our vehicles are changed regularly and part of routine maintenance.  If your vehicle experiences battery failure, we’ll provide a jump-start.
  • Flat Tire Assistance or Tire Replacement: We’ll replace a flat or damaged tire with the spare, or get the car towed to the nearest service facility. (Please note that the renter might incur the cost of the tire repair or replacement, depending upon the circumstances.)
  • Fuel Delivery :  Run out of gas? We'll deliver 3 gallons of fuel to your location, stat!


But what happens if the key fob gets wet, and the car won’t start anymore,  I lock my keys in the car, or I lose them?

Basically, what happens when your keys are a goner?  No worries!  In that case, you can simply pick up a replacement vehicle at our office during business hours at 59 Ho’okele St., Kahului, HI  96753.

Your credit card on file will be charged a key replacement cost of $300.  We are happy to pick you up, or send a trusted local taxi company to pick you up at your cost.  Your card on file will be charged for the cost of the taxi, or $100 for a Rent Maui employee to pick you up.  Please, surfers, don’t go in the ocean with the keys in your pocket! You will save yourself a headache.

We maintain our vehicle mechanics and batteries regularly.  If the battery has died due a customer accident or error the customer is responsible to jumpstart the vehicle.  Please acquaint yourself with the vehicle’s headlight settings.  Some vehicles’ headlights do not automatically turn off.

Mechanical problems can happen,  even to a brand new car.   In case of mechanical issues, we will replace your vehicle immediately.  Our Roadside Assistance is free for all inherent mechanical failures related to the rental vehicle.

At Rent Maui we don’t restrict customers to where they can drive their rental cars as long as its within the limitations of the law.

- Flat tires
 - Broken windows
 - Dead battery due to customer negligence

Please discontinue use of the vehicle if you experience the following:

 - Car is overheating or smoking
 - Brakes are overheating while driving down Haleakala.  This may happen if one is using brakes to slow down a vehicle on a lengthy steep grade.  Instead, downshift to first or second gear.  Please note *renters are responsible for brake damages and towing expenses if they occur in the Haleakala area*

After your rental

Yes!  We offer after hours pick-up and drop-off.  For after-hours arrivals, you will need to pay the airport parking fee of up to $15 when you leave the parking lot. 

Please return the vehicle with the amount of gas with which you picked it up.  Most likely, your vehicle will have less than ¼ tank upon pick-up.  We simply ask you to return the rental car with the same amount of gas as it had on arrival.  If you have a Costco card, Costco Gas Station is located 5 minutes away, at 540 Healeaka Hwy., Kahului, 96732.  For Safeway customers, Safeway Gas Station is located at 1050 Ho’okele St., Kahului, HI  96732. To find a list of competitive gas prices, here is a link to Gas Buddy.

We simply ask customers to return vehicles in the same condition as when they were picked up.  

  - Please don't leave food or trash inside the car
  - A fee to clean the vehicle’s interior on its return will be charged for excessive stains, pet hair/fur, trash, odors or other soilage. 
  - Please do not smoke in vehicles.  We charge a $150 cleaning fee to ionize cigarette smoke from a vehicle that has absorbed cigarette odor.  

Simply drop your vehicle off where you picked it up!  Detailed instructions will be text messaged to the phone number on your reservation one day prior to drop-off.  If you have any questions, simply call or text (808)283-2827 to speak with a live customer service representative.

We have a 30 minute grace period for returning your rental.  You will receive a text reminder to message a photo of your vehicle once you have dropped it off in the parking lot.  Late return fees will apply for no notice of returning vehicle later than scheduled.  If a customer fails to return a rental vehicle after 24 hours of return date and time, the vehicle will be reported as stolen to the Maui Police Department.

Rental cars are to be returned at the date and time specified on the rental agreement.  If you need to change your pick-up or drop-off time, simply call or text customer service at (808)283-2827 or email [email protected].

Yes, but we do not give refunds for early returns. If you are not sure of your return date, we recommend booking for the lesser amount of time, and extending your car rental by simply messaging, calling or emailing us.